Chicken Dinner Recipes
for Family Meals

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We have many favourite chicken dinner recipes for family meals, as chicken is not only tasty but also healthy and easy to cook with. It is such a versatile meat and can be prepared elaborately in a multi-ingredient recipe or quite simply with just a few basic ingredients. Either way, the end result is usually delicious and fills tummies!

Family meals are an important part of our day. It's a great opportunity to come together at the end of a tiring day and temporarily forget the pressures of life. We use the time to swap stories, catch up on interesting events from the day and, of course, to enjoy our food together. And serving chicken means I know it will be eaten and not rejected!

So, why exactly is chicken is so popular?

Firstly, chicken is everywhere; it's a very easy meat to come by, with the vast majority of supermarkets and food shops selling it. It's relatively quick and cheap to farm compared with other meats, and those savings get passed onto the consumer (ie. you and I buying the chicken).

Chicken also has a milder flavour than some other meats, so it's more palatable to those who don't like the stronger flavours of beef or lamb. It is therefore easy for chicken to take on the flavours of your various dishes, making it a very adaptable meat to cook with. The high protein content of chicken versus its relatively low cost also makes it an economical food source.

And why do we love chicken in our family?

Simply said, my kids love it because it tastes good and keeps them full.

And chicken really does keep the tummy full with its protein density, just one of the many health benefits you probably weren't even aware of. Each unit of chicken meat contains a much higher concentration of protein than the same unit of other types of meat. Thus chicken is very efficient at delivering dietary protein, important for feeling full, building muscle and growth and repair of the body's tissues

I love chicken because there are so many ways you can cook it and turn it into the most delicious recipes! You can cook it whole or in pieces, use it in casseroles or in oven bakes, the possibilities are endless. I think all home cooks will probably feel grateful for this versatility!

Chicken, whole and in various cuts, typically appears in our weekly shop, even if I don't have a specific recipe in mind. I can almost always cobble together a meal using store cupboard staples and whatever vegetables happen to be in the fridge.

So, are you in need of chicken dinner recipes for your family meals? Then I hope this site will have something to offer you.

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The recipes below are some of our favourite chicken dinner recipes for family meals. This list is continually evolving, so it will be updated as new recipes are discovered.

Have a look through the collection, and maybe you'll find your favourite here, too.

Chicken Dinner Recipes for Family Meals

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