Best Family Instant Pot Recipes

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Find the best family Instant Pot recipes here, and experience for yourself the wonders of pressure cooking! An Instant Pot is one of the many modern varieties of electric pressure cookers available. Gone are the days of old stovetop pressure cookers with whistling weights and exploding lids.

As with any electric cooker, the beauty lies in the ability to set timers and run programmes, and when the cooking is done, it simply stops cooking and keeps your food warm. But why get an electric pressure cooker? There are many things pressure cookers are good for, including braising tough cuts of meat or cooking soups and stews. But the electric pressure cooker scores big points with me in the flexibility and convenience it offers.

As you may have figured out, I am typically cooking meals to fit around my family's busy schedule and sadly not the other way around. And usually I only have pockets of free time during the day to do the cooking. With an electric pressure cooker, I can prepare everything in the afternoon, throw it together into the pot, delay the start of cooking if necessary, and time it to be ready for dinner time. It also means that we can eat lovely braised meats and stews midweek that would ordinarily need to simmer for hours if cooked conventionally on the stovetop, as pressure cooking shortens the required cook time by using high heat and steam pressure.

Certainly there are dishes that are sometimes easier or quicker to cook conventionally, but the ability to leave the electric pot to do its work, without you having to stand and watch over it, is invaluable. As a consequence, there are many recipes I have adapted to be cooked in the Instant Pot just to simplify my life! And that is why I love my Instant Pot.

So maybe you already own an Instant Pot and are now researching the best family Instant Pot recipes? Or perhaps you're looking to broaden your Instant Pot recipe repertoire? Whatever the reason, I hope you'll find some inspiration in our collection below.

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Feel free to browse our collection of best family Instant Pot recipes below. I'll be adding to this list as we discover new favourites.

Best Family Instant Pot Recipes

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