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The Backstory

Hello! I'm Wendy, and thank you for visiting.

If you would have told me when I was in my early 20s that one day I would be planning and cooking virtually all our family meals, I would have laughed in your face!

That just wasn't me, and that kind of life seemed an impossibility at that time. I was young and single, living in New York City, working hard and playing hard. Meeting up with friends and eating out was what I did.

Fast forward about a decade, and I'm now living in London, still working hard, meeting up with friends and not doing much cooking. Except now I'm married, and thank goodness my husband can cook!

We have just welcomed a newborn, our first son. The realisation and panic has set in - I would be responsible for providing for this tiny infant, and I would need to feed him at every meal! I needed a plan, especially as I was about to return to work full time.

The Beginning

I returned to work when my son was six months old. By that time, I was used to feeding him at all his meals, and I wanted to continue doing it. If I had to be away from him all day at work, then at least I felt like I could keep the bond by cooking his meals. He had been weaned onto solids, and that's when my home cooking adventures began in earnest.

I started batch cooking in the evenings and at weekends, freezing everything in small portions to be eaten during the week. I also created a fortnightly meal plan, which helped with organising the shopping. I found that this system I had developed actually worked and enabled me to continue cooking for my child, despite being back at work full time.

As my son grew, so did his tastes, and I began to look forward to trying new recipes and creating new meals. Although I was still a relative novice in the kitchen, luckily I loved to eat good food and a full range of flavours, and so I was determined to only feed my child food that I myself would actually eat.

Moving forward a few more years, and baby boy #2 joined our family. I successfully repeated all the same techniques I used for weaning and feeding our first child. Today, we are a family of four with two school aged children who mostly eat what we eat. I am now so used to cooking all their meals and have come to embrace it. It's even more fun when I can cook one meal for the whole family, and as you can imagine, quantities have increased, so now all dishes I make need to serve 4. :)

The Site is Born

Somewhere along the early stages of my cooking journey, as I realised just how many different recipes I was cooking and how many more new ones I was dying to create, I decided I should try to document the recipes that worked. And that's how this site was first born as MummyMadeBabyFood.com.

As the boys have grown and the focus of our family meals has naturally shifted away from baby and toddler recipes, so the site has also developed. In 2020, the site moved home to Serves4.com, as it better reflected the types of meals and recipes I was and would be cooking. But don't worry, all the tips and recipes I have for babies and toddlers are still preserved on this site!

Going forward, this site aims to be a collection of our family's favourite recipes and to provide inspiration for anyone struggling to come up with recipe ideas.

I hope there will find something useful for you on this site. I'd love to hear any feedback or comments, so please feel free to leave a message below or to get in touch!

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