Easy Beef Dinner Recipes

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Look no further for easy beef dinner recipes - tasty and full of nutrition, beef can be cooked in a variety of ways, and the collection below includes some of our most loved recipes. Beef is a great source of protein and important for muscle health. It is also an excellent source of dietary iron, which could help prevent anaemia and which is important for enabling the blood to transport oxygen to cells around the body.

Beef is sold by butchers in cuts, and how to cook a particular cut will depend on how lean and fibrous it is, or how fatty and tender. Generally speaking, the more fibrous and tough a cut of beef, the longer and slower you'll need to cook it. Cooking slowly and at a low temperature breaks down the tough fibres and transforms the meat into melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness! Think stews and curries that have been simmering for hours on a low flame.

A very tender cut of beef will only require a short cooking time; overcooking such a cut would ruin the meat and turn it into a dry and chewy lump. Unlike chicken, some types of beef can even be eaten raw or not fully cooked. Have you ever eaten beef carpaccio or a rare steak and savoured the tenderness of the meat? Less is actually more when it comes to these dishes, as the minimal cooking preserves the natural tenderness of the cut.

Fancier than chicken, beef is a great choice to impress your guests with and is popular for dinner parties. The richness of the meat gives it an air of luxury - luckily you can cook delicious beef dishes without breaking the bank!

I am by no means a meat cooking expert, but I do love my easy beef dinner recipes that are low on effort but overdeliver on taste. Particularly in the winter months, a hearty beef stew is just the comforting and warming antidote to the cold. 

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The recipes below are some of our tried and tested favourite easy beef dinner recipes. It's a continually evolving list, so check back for new additions, and I hope you'll find something here for you.

Easy Beef Dinner Recipes

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