Easy Pork Recipes for Dinner

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Looking for easy pork recipes for dinner? You've come to the right place! Although pork is a less popular meat in Western cuisine than say, chicken or beef, some of our favourites foods are made with pork.

Pork, whilst technically a read meat, is milder in taste and less gamey than other red meats, such as venison, lamb or even beef. It pairs well with many foods and takes on the seasonings and flavours of a dish really nicely. Similar to chicken, pork's mild flavour means the taste of the meat doesn't overpower the flavours of the dish.

Pork is also extremely popular in many Chinese and East Asian dishes - you'll see pork used quite frequently as the meat in many stir fried dishes. Historically in China, pigs were more economical and easier to rear. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that China is the world's largest consumer of pork. And whilst we love our Asian pork dishes, we are also quite partial to a simply roasted pork shoulder joint, or a nice, slow braised pork stew.

Like all meats, there are fattier cuts and leaner cuts. Fattier cuts, such as pork shoulder or belly, are great for roasting, braising, stewing or using as mince, as they impart so much flavour and moisture to the dish; however, they are almost certainly not ideal for everyday eating! Leaner cuts, such as pork tenderloin or loin chops, are healthier options for regular pork eaters. Leaner cuts can dry out very quickly due to their low fat content, however, so extra care needs to be taken not to overcook them.

Pork is also quite popularly enjoyed as bacon, pancetta, ham and of course, in sausages. All of these processed pork products are also very high in salt, so they should be enjoyed sparingly for health reasons. It can be nice, however, to mix a bit of fattier pork into a dish to give flavour and add richness (such as adding pancetta to Bolognese sauce), whilst still limiting the less healthy elements.

We have sampled many easy pork recipes for dinner that we have enjoyed and will be gradually including them amongst our favourites below. We hope you also enjoy them and discover the numerous ways to use pork in delicious dinner recipes!

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So if you're looking for your next meal inspiration, or simply looking to build your repertoire of easy pork recipes for dinner, then check out some of our favourites below. We will be adding to this collection, so do pop in regularly for updates.

Easy Pork Recipes for Dinner

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