Favourite Baking Recipes and Desserts

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For our favourite baking recipes and desserts, look no further than the collection below. I've included our most loved recipes for baked goods and other sweet things, and the list is ever growing!

For me, baking seems to come in waves, with the heights of the waves coinciding with holidays and birthdays. But sometimes, I just like to bake because it relaxes me, and my children have never complained when a surprise batch of cakes or biscuits appear in the 'off season'.

Baking these days is so common and popular that most people have probably tried their hand at it at least once, but it wasn't always the case. In the Middle Ages in Britain, baking was a luxury that not very many people could enjoy, as ovens were not commonplace in households. Those who were lucky enough to have an oven mostly baked bread and, not surprisingly, it was a case of the more money you had, the better your bread.

Today, it seems like nearly everyone bakes. From bread to cakes to biscuits and beyond, baked goods are certainly not limited to the wealthy or even to the professionals, as home baking has become ever popular. Especially with children, baking is almost a requirement, and with every celebration, I'm expected to produce baked goods!

I do love to bake, despite not having a particularly sweet tooth myself. I enjoy the process of creating beautiful food that also tastes delicious, and the wonderful aromas that fill the kitchen always seem to have a calming effect. Don't get me wrong, I have certainly had my fair share of kitchen disasters! Although fortunately, only the most successful outcomes become favourite baking recipes, and those are the ones that we list below and invite you to try.

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Take a look at our collection of favourite baking recipes and desserts below. We have tried and loved so many recipes over the years and are continually discovering new ones. The collection is ever growing, so check regularly for updates.

Favourite Baking Recipes and Desserts

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