Looking For A Baby Pasta Recipe?

If you're looking for a baby pasta recipe, then you've come to the right place! Pasta is a wonderful dish, which perhaps lends itself most to creativity. Simply by changing the pasta shape, tweaking the sauce or swapping the sauce altogether, you can easily create an entirely new dish. And cooking with pasta is so forgiving that it makes a great dish for novices.

It seems that all children love pasta – babies are no exception – and I have yet to come across one who doesn’t! This makes your job easier, as not only are pasta dishes so easy to make, but they are also filling, providing a satisfying meal for your little one.

Pasta is perhaps universally associated with Italian food, although most people, Italian or not, probably have a favourite pasta recipe to hand. I have included a selection below, all of which have been successfully tried and tested on my own children! These recipes are aimed at older babies, who have moved beyond single fruit and vegetable purees, toddlers and beyond.

Depending on the age of your child, you can substitute smaller or larger pasta shapes in the recipes, given how developed his eating skills are. And feel free to puree or mash the dishes as necessary to accommodate your little one.

Remember that it is best not to add any salt to baby’s food before the age of 1, so if you are cooking for older children or for the family, make sure you set aside baby’s portion first before seasoning.

Pasta Recipe Ideas

Quick Pasta Recipe: Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

This is the ultimate comfort food - perfect for the whole family.

Quick Pasta Recipe: Mini Pasta Shells with Peas

Mini Pasta Shells with Peas

Most children will eat peas, and when paired with pasta, you have the perfect healthy combo!

Quick Pasta Recipe: Pesto with Almond

 Pesto with Almond

Most children tend to like pesto, and this variation is made with almonds instead of pine nuts.

Quick Pasta Recipe: Pasta with Broccoli

 Pasta with Broccoli

Simple, tasty and such an easy meal to prepare.

Quick Pasta Recipe: Cheesy Pasta Arrabbiata

 Cheesy Pasta Arrabbiata

A simple tomato pasta with added cheese appeal.

Quick Pasta Recipe: Pasta Bolognese with Aubergine

Pasta Bolognese with Aubergine

This dish seems to be popular with all children and is a nice way to introduce aubergine.

Quick Pasta Recipe: Chicken and Leek Lasagne

Chicken and Leek Lasagne

Chicken makes for a nice introduction to lasagne, as the flavour of beef can sometimes be too strong for babies.

Quick Pasta Recipe: Fish Pasta Bake

Fish Pasta Bake

A lovely alternative to fish pie, which is also a nice way to introduce baby to various kinds of fish.

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